The UIA partners with LexisNexis to produce a series of publications on relevant legal issues.

International commercial sales: Challenges in delivery, transport risks and documentary fraud

This edition of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection aims to address the main legal issues affecting the international sale and delivery of goods, using a strategic and pragmatic approach to outline the ways forward to tackle current challenges.

Expert practitioners and academics from different jurisdictions explore the interface between the contract of carriage and sales of goods, outlining best practices to facilitate negotiating and drafting contract clauses in international sales and transport contracts.


Inheritance and the Family Business: How to deal with Inheritance when the Main Assets are in a Family Business ?

In this latest edition of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, practitioners across Europe, the Americas, and the GCC discuss the ins and outs of the family business, inheritance, and estate planning.  
This edition discusses how different countries regulate the family business, how to deal with partners and family members, what happens when inheritance is the main asset in a family company, the special challenges faced in a family business insolvency process, and international considerations when it comes to mixing family, business and inheritance.  
Family lawyers, corporate lawyers, insolvency practitioners, and estate planners will find this book to be an invaluable guide in assisting clients in navigating a complex legal environment during a sensitive and stressful time for families. 



Commercial Mediation in the Digital Era

In the 11th Volume of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, mediation practitioners discuss emerging changes and trends in online mediation after the Covid-19 pandemic. In this edition, topics covered include the role of online platforms and Artificial Intelligence, the tools required to prepare for and conduct mediation online, and the importance of understanding body language in reaching a desirable outcome for all parties involved. The authors also evaluate the crucial techniques for decision-making in high-volume disputes and the necessity for a code of ethics and suitable enforcement procedures in the shadow of the Singapore Convention on Mediation. A must read for mediation practitioners and any party or advocacy body entering into the mediation process.

Anthology on Human Rights from Different Regions: 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The XXI Century is testing the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On its 70 anniversary, the UIA wants to mark the occasion with this anthology of articles assessing the breach and respect for Human Rights in different regions.
by Mª Eugènia Gay Rosell (Author) , Professor Sara Chandler QC (Hon) (Author) , Nuala Mole (Author) , Professor Gustavo Salas R., Ph. D. (Author) , Howard S. Simmons (Author) , Carmen Meza Ingar (Author) , Angela Diaz-Bastien (Author) , Daniela Patricia Almiron (Author) , Jumanah Adnan BEHBEHANI (Author) , Sulema Jahandir (Author).

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Fashion law : Legal trends and new challenges

In the 10th Volume of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, practitioners from several jurisdictions discuss the global fashion business and applicable laws. The authors address changing trends and challenges relating to trademarks, brands, counterfeiting and the production of fashion goods. In this edition, topics covered include the application of blockchain, copyright protections, online sales and sustainable employment in a sector constantly adapting to meet customer demand. An exciting and insightful guide for any practitioner assisting clients in the world of fashion houses and big branding.

Environmental Law and Sustainable Development

In the 9th Volume of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, practitioners from several jurisdictions discuss applicable environmental legislation. A valuable and detailed insight into changing trends and emerging issues relating to smart cities, corporate accountability, waste management and electric mobility. In this edition, the authors address the evolution of construction, transportation, corporate law and environmental law, and what the future might hold in light of a changing climate and popultaion growth. A useful guide for any practitioner keeping a keen eye on the possible roles technology may play in creating a more sustainable planet. 


Family Law: Challenges and Development from an International Perspective

A multi-jurisdictional analysis of marriage, custody and divorce. Discussing differing legal systems and their recognition of relationships.

Assisting clients in family law matters can be a complex, sensitive and drawn out process. In the eighth volume of the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, practitioners from all over the globe give their expertise and advice on matters such as surrogacy, marriage and divorce under international law, the rights of the child and custody laws. This publication should provide invaluable insight into cross-jurisdictional family law matters and assist practitioners in giving their clients the best possible guidance.

International Public Procurement

In light of governments engaging more private sector partnerships in several areas of strategic importance, such as infrastructure projects, energy, education and security, the seventh book in the UIA-LEXISNEXIS Publications Collection explains in practical terms how public procurement rules apply in EU countries and other regions of the world.
Authors from around the globe address specific elements of the public procurement process such as:
• The public procurement legal framework
• Common award procedures
• Social and environmental concerns encompassed in public procurement rules
• E-Procurement regulation
• The litigation process
This book is intended to assist any practitioner in the public procurement sector in developping a fuller understanding of the public procurement process and its legislative developments at a global level.


Drafting Effective International Contracts of Agency and Distributorship – a Practical Handbook

Selling its products or services is of key importance for every business. These sales and promotional activities often require the deployment of agents, distributors or other distribution intermediaries. At the international level, distribution regularly requires establishing contracts for international sales and contracts with distribution intermediaries in different countries. There are many issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid in drafting such contracts.
In this sixth book in the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, legal practitioners share their expertise on drafting international contracts of commercial agency or distributorship, as well as contracts for other forms of distribution, in the European Union, North America, Australia and China.


Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere, and the legal sector is no exception. In a world driven by algorithms, what should (or can) the law do and how?
In this fifth book in the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, Tech Law practitioners with first-hand experience in the upheavals provoked by AI address these key questions. In addition to new forms of regulation that emerging technologies are bringing about, this book deals with the legal schemes that are today regulating the use of AI techniques, including the new European regulation on the protection of personal.


Natural Resources Exploitation: Business and Human Rights

Can the exploitation of natural resources continue with no limit? If measures must be taken, what should they be? Are compromises possible, or is it necessary to simply stop or dramatically reduce certain activities, even with economic consequences, including for employees? Distinguished speakers from diverse backgrounds examined these issues during the Main Theme Session on “Natural Resources Exploitation: Business and Human Rights,” held on October 28, 2017 during the UIA’s 61st Congress in Toronto.

This fourth book in the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection contains the speakers’ written contributions to the Congress, as well as contributions of other experts in the field, and examines the legal issues arising from the exploitation of natural resources on a legislative, administrative and contractual level. The book also focuses on on compliance mechanisms, dispute resolution and other mechanisms for redress.

Current Trends in Start-Ups and Crowd Financing

This book is on the legal aspects of starting up and funding a business. Practitioners from various jurisdictions cover legal topics and trends relevant to start-ups and crowdfinancing and provide an overview of the currently booming start-up environment. This book covers the most relevant legal topics on startups and crowdfinancing and assists legal practitioners in better understanding concerns in this area. It is a great read for any legal practitioner wishing to venture into the start-up and crowdfinancing world.






Compliance - Challenges and Opportunities for the Legal Profession

This book introduces its readers to the fundamentals of regulatory compliance. Many important topics are addressed, including the challenges to compliance, the emergence of internal control and compliance systems within companies, and tools that may assist a company in compliance management. It details the views expressed by speakers at the 2016 UIA Budapest Congress concerning how legal practitioners in various jurisdictions are dealing with the compliance agenda. 


Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements and Arbitral Awards: Recent Trends and Developments

This book explores recent developments on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards from both a domestic and a cross-border perspective. Particular attention is paid to current trends concerning these principles in EU Regulations and international conventions.












The Status of Women and the Rule of Law

What is the precise status of women today? Even if their circumstances have considerably evolved, discrimination is still preserved though laws, traditions, and beliefs. This question is judicial, political, and sociological.








Private International Law in Daily Life

Much like private individuals, companies, whether they are family-based or not, evolve in an environment that stretches more and more across national borders. Societies, individuals, and their data travel across the word. Their banking operations, contracts, procedures, and much more involve third parties that who do not belong to the same geographic area or legal context. Companies and individuals must therefore anticipate problems that come from the complexity of this geographic and judicial diversity if they do not wish to face worse ramifications down the line. Within the context of the European Union, solutions have been presented which have been refined over time. For legal practitioners, this evolution is a sign of a permanent upgrade. However, the world is not limited to the European Union and exchanges with non-member countries require added attention to the issues they may generate.

This book addresses many of these issues, both in the context of the economic person or within the private sphere.

These ideas were put forth on the study day organized on March 27, 2015 by the UIA Belgian National Committee and the French Section of the Brussels Bar Association.



European and Global Issues with the Protection of Private Data 

This book offers an analysis of the major issues related to the protection of private data, in light of the implementation of new European regulations.

We are currently witnessing a true social, economic, and technological revolution. The exploitation of private information with big data and the internet of things will change the world. Given these advances, but also with an awareness of the concerns this revolution might bring up, it is important to rely on the basic fundamental rights. As such, the book reviews the jurisprudence of both the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

A special attention is also given to the geographic scope of the application of the new regulations and of the transfer of data. The book highlights the American perceptions of these data protection rules in reference to the last negotiations between Europe and the United States. It particularly addressed the right to be forgotten, the issues with profiling, and the system for receiving notifications of security breaches, highlighting the challenges inherent within the protection of personal data within financial services, particularly when it comes to payment fraud.

Economic Sanctions and Arbitration: A Practical Guide for Parties, Counsel and Arbitrators