The mission of the Institute for the Rule of Law (UIA-IROL) is to promote the Rule of Law and address essential human rights issues.

Access to justice, independence of the justice system and freedom and independence of the legal profession, being fundamental components of the Rule of Law, are all issues of concern for the UIA-IROL.

The UIA-IROL coordinates several UIA bodies to ensure greater efficiency and better coordination among their activities and actions, including:

General Direction

Pascal Maurer - Director General
Jacqueline R. Scott  - Deputy Director General

Human Rights and Protection of Lawyers

Carlos Fatás Mosquera
Martin Pradel
Avi Singh

Gustavo Salas Rodríguez
Maxime Delhomme
Mary-Daphné Fishelson
Marc Gallardo
Elvire Vignon

Independence of the Profession 

Angela Díaz-Bastien
Mario Napoli
András Szecskay

Rosa Peña Sastre

Rule of Law

William M. Hannay
François Moyse

Edmond-Claude Frety
Patricia López Aufranc
Rosalía Perera Gutiérrez

Permanent Contacts

Romina Bossa Abiven -  Human Rights and Legal Profession Project Assistant - rbossa@uianet.org

Julie Goffin - Human Rights and Protection of Lawyers Coordinator