The mission of the UIA-IROL ( the UIA Institute for the Rule of Law) is to promote the Rule of Law, and address human rights issues.




Access to justice, independence of the justice system and freedom and independence of the legal profession, being fundamental components of the rule of law, are also main issues of concern for the UIA-IROL. 

To that end, the UIA-IROL coordinates UIA sections to ensure greater efficiency and better coordination among the activities and actions of these Sections:

The actions of UIA-IROL are particularly supported by the law firms of the UIAdvance network.

General Directors

Martin Pradel - Director General
Julie Goffin - Deputy Director-General
Avninder Singh - Deputy Director General

Human Rights and Protection of Lawyers

Angela Díaz-Bastien Vargas-Zúñiga
Juliete Duval

Aleksandra Penkowska

Independence of the Profession

András Szecskay

Yasushi Higashizawa

Rule of Law

François Moyse

Deputy Director
Anna Masiota

Permanent Contacts

Romina Bossa Abiven -  Rule of Law Projects Manager - rbossa@uianet.org