For the next Luxembourg Congress, we are looking for speakers to our topic :
- Where bricks meet bytes. What is Proptech about?
If you are interested, please click here to apply for being a speaker in our session ! 
We have a steering group

We now have a steering group (way more talented than the President) that groups lawyers from United States of America, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain that makes regular quarterly calls and videoconferences to share potential activities, thoughts, ideas as to what to do next.

We take the UIA with us wherever we go.

Real estate is a lively sector with plenty of expensive trade fairs where you must be if you are in the business. Budgets of lawfirms are low to have presence meetings regularly, but it makes sense to hold a board session or an informal meeting where the market is, and therefore we organize a meetup in Mipim in Cannes in March and another meetup in Expo-Real in October, taking advantage of the fact that most of us are there. All this happens at one of the member’s stands (generally mine…).

We also try to reach out (a little)

First, we set up a hashtag two years ago (#UIARealEstateLaw) where every member in Twitter can simply make us aware of whatever he deems relevant, we communicate events through Linkedin and Twitter.

Now, our President likes torturing members with online polls and surveys.
So this year we ran an initial surveymonkey poll amongst members to see what topic could be of interest for this year. We sent it to the board, then to members and then (why not?) we opened it up to all market players (brokers, investors, developers, consultants) as a way to know whether our topic was contemporary.

Then we created an online registration form to register speakers (and avoid the usual traditional PDF forms) and make life easier to the President and the Secretary.
And then we actually decided that we would ask our members what they thought about the subtopics by making a Typeform survey, which you may still fill in by clicking here.
As a result of this and our work in the past seminar, now some important organisations in Real Estate, such as RICS, now know that we exist and that we are enthusiastic lawyers.
We try to do something new every year.

This upcoming congress we will be making a joint session with Litigation and Contract Law commissions, with the title ““The crossroad of litigation and contracts in real estate: a case study of real estate from negotiation to litigation”. on Thursday November 1 from 9 am  to 12:30
All will flow around a single case study: “the acquisition of land to develop a logistics building”.
We will first hear our keynote speaker Mr. Cristian Oller, head of developments of Prologis in Spain and Portugal explain to all of us how Prologis structures a development project and how it unfolds from beginning to end.
We will run a film or “making of” a logistics property and then try to tackle and determine all photograms where lawyers have a say.
We will beam no powerpoints, we will read no academical reports, we simply need you to walk in our room and bring your experience as a contract lawyer, as a litigator or as a real estate practitioner.

And, who knows, maybe we will try to do something different to make this more lively.

José Antonio Pérez Breva


Entre 2005 et 2010, notre commission de droit immobilier a concentré son travail scientifique sur l’architecture en tant qu’expression de l’art et sur la protection de l’architecte en tant qu’auteur. De même, elle a concentré ses efforts autour d’intervenants dans la construction et sur le rôle de l’avocat dans les projets immobiliers.
En 2011 et 2012, la commission de Droit Immobilier a concentré son travail autour de l’hypothèque et du règlement des différends en droit immobilier et a inauguré comme nouvelle ligne de travail l’éthique en droit immobilier (pour le congrès tenu à Macao en 2013) et à Florence en 2014, nous avons analysé et discuté l’esthétique et l’immobilier et le conflit, le cas échéant, avec l’utilisation de biens immobiliers.
Profitant du fait que le prochain congrès se tiendra en Espagne à Valence, la commission de droit immobilier se propose de cadrer le débat autour des biens immobiliers en tant qu’actifs passibles d’un investissement et jouer avec les étiquettes « transactionnel » et « opérationnel ». La commission travaillera aussi sur les restrictions transfrontalières, compte tenu de la dimension et orientation internationale de notre association.
À cet égard, la commission de droit immobilier souhaite la bienvenue aux membres qui sont intéressés à partager leurs connaissances et idées et collaborer dans cet esprit. Nous sommes notamment intéressés à écouter les nouveaux membres et à élargir le nombre de juridictions représentées dans notre commission.
Nous avons récemment créé un comité de pilotage afin de permettre à ceux qui le désirent de participer activement à la vie de notre commission.
Les membres sont :
- Michel Huet
- Carlo Mastellone
- Sandy Jacobus
- Clarence Foo
- Avi Singh
- Paul de Scheemaecker
- José Antonio Pérez Breva
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