Droits de l'homme | 14.06.2021

June 14 - 1st International Fair Trial Day and Ebru Timtik Award

UIA-IROL is pleased to invite you to attend the conference to be held on the occasion of the first International Fair Trial Day, taking place on June 14, 2021, in tribute to Turkish human rights lawyer Ebru Timtik.


Ms Timtik died on August 27, 2020, following a hunger strike to call for a fair trial. Ms. Timtik was charged and convicted of terrorism-related offences following a trial during which basic procedural safeguards and internationally recognised fair trial principles were ignored.

In recognition of Ms Timtik’s sacrifice, and in order to raise awareness about the plight of those in countries around the globe who are facing prosecution in circumstances where fair trial principles are not being observed or respected, a coalition of international and national bar associations and lawyers’ organisations, including UIA-IROL, joined together to arrange an annual “International Fair Trial Day” to be observed on June 14. Each year, the event will focus on a particular country chosen because of the level of concern with regard to the lack of respect for fair trial rights in that jurisdiction at that time.

The first International Fair Trial Day will also include the launching of the new, annual Ebru Timtik Award recognizing an individual or an organisation who or which has made an exceptional contribution towards securing fair trial rights in the country on which the International Fair Trial Day focuses for the year in question.

For more information about the International Fair Trial Day and the Ebru Timtik Award, please also see below.