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The UIA Condemns the Murder of Lawyer Jean Kisumbule Muteba

On February 21, 2016, Mr. Jean Kisumbule Muteba, a lawyer at the Bar Association of Kinshasa/Gombe, was murdered at Bandalungwa, Kinshasa, by unidentified individuals. The motivation for the crime remains unknown.

Mr. Edouard Mukendi Kalambayi, President of the Bar Association of Kinshasa/Gombe, called on national authorities to investigate the crime and bring the responsible individuals to justice. The UIA sent a letter to President Mukendi Kalambayi to express its support ( see attached).

On March 2, 2016, Mr. Mukendi Kalambayi issued a press release reporting that Congolese authorities made several commitments regarding Mr. Kisumbule Mutea’s crime, as well as with respect to the security of lawyers in general.

The UIA sent a letter to Congolese authorities to express concern and inform them that it will continue to attentively follow both the course of the investigation and the situation of lawyers in the country (see below).