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Bienvenido a los podcasts de publicaciones de la UIA, una serie de audios que presenta los últimos títulos de la colección de publicaciones UIA / LexisNexis.
Al escuchar nuestros podcasts, tendrá la oportunidad de descubrir una colección de libros que tiene su propia línea editorial identificable y que es diferente de todo lo que ya existe hoy en día en el mercado de publicaciones para profesionales del derecho.



UIAPODCAST #2 - International public procurement

Carlo Mastellone, Director of Publications, interviews Pedro Melo of Miranda Law Firm, Lisbon and Oporto, the Chair of the UIA Administrative and Regulatory Law Commission and the editor of book #7 of the UIA/LexisNexis Publications Collection: International public procurement (116 pp, ISBN 9782711033133, October 2019) – which focuses on public procurement in the USA, in several EU countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy) and other countries  (Brazil and Angola ), and is a very useful comparative guide on how public procurement rules apply in these jurisdictions. Of great use to lawyers advising their clients in public procurement bids in a foreign country, the book addresses, on a country by country basis, the national public procurement legal framework, the award procedures, social and environmental concerns encompassed in public procurement rules, E-Procurement regulation and the litigation process.
Recorded on July 23, 2020

UIAPODCAST #1 - Family law challenges and developments from an international perspective

Carlo Mastellone, Director of Publications, interviews Federico Prus of Estudio Jurídico Dr. Prus in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Chair of the UIA Family Law Commission and Editor of book #8 of the UIA/LexisNexis Publications Collection: Family law challenges and developments from an international perspective (124 pp, ISBN 9782711034659, June 2020) – with contributions from family law practitioners from Brazil, Chile, England, Mexico, Montecarlo, Liechtenstein, Germany, France, the United States, Spain and Argentina.
The book addresses a variety of critical issues including: - assets in divorce and family relations; prenuptial and marital agreements;  the system of assets in force in matrimony and different kinds of unions; child custody regulations and the rights of children; domestic violence; the movement and international relocation of families; child abductions; habitual place of residence and the concept of "best interest"; surrogacy and international adoption; the influence of new technologies in the configuration of family law caseloads relating to jurisdiction and the competence of international divorces; ADR in family law.
Recorded on July 10, 2020




UIAPodcasts speak with leading practitioners to help lawyers around the world understand the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the practice of law and their clients' needs.



Susanne Margossian, Chair of the UIA Commission on International Sale of Goods, talks with UIA member Dr. Christoph Oertel, a German expert in international trade law.  They talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international sales contracts, discuss relevant concepts such as Force Majeure, Hardship, and Good Faith in different legal systems and conclude with a practical checklist of steps to be taken now.
Recorded on July 6, 2020.


UIA President Jerry Roth talks with UIA member Steven Richman, an American expert in domestic and international commercial law. They discuss the doctrine of Force Majeure in the time of COVID-19 with respect to both national and cross-border contracts. 
Recorded on June 8, 2020.


UIA President Jerry Roth speaks with California lawyer Natalie Pierce, a globally recognized specialist in employment law and AI.  She talks about the impact of COVID on legal practice, responding to clients’ needs, what we can expect post-COVID, and more.
Recorded on April 10, 2020.