Programa internacional de prácticas

Mohammed Shahen Advocate-Egypt is looking for an intern

Activity: the Foundation is considered as one of the few one specialized in the field of banking and business law firms. The Foundation was founded in 2005 by a group of lawyers and consultants specialized in the legal and banking fields.

So the law firm is specialized in areas such as international transactions, banks, capital markets, law of construction, commercial activities and registration of industrial property laws and tourism, manufacturing, tax and real estate.

The activities also includes civil and commercial cases and the work of banks, corporations and labor laws, tax appeals, drafting contracts, arbitration in civil and commercial disputes, the laws of Arab and foreign investment funds.

Duties of the trainee: the trainee must comply with the regulation of the foundation, respect the official deadlines. The trainee will work with the lawyers of the institution and use means of institutional communication.

Language(s) requirement(s): all languages are useful, the foundation is dealing with more than seven languages.

Placement term: any time of the year

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