Derechos Humanos y Defensa de la defensa

Intervention in support of the Croatian Bar Association

On March 23, 2015, Lawyer Vlatko Vidakovic was shot down by one of his former clients in his office at Osijek, Croatia. This case seems not to be an isolated one, and according to information provided by the Croatian Bar Association, nine lawyers and one legal trainee have been killed in Croatia since 1972 under similar circumstances. During the same period, 15 lawyers have been subject to physical attacks, including having explosive devices planted in their premises, fires set to their flats and other similar offences.

In response to this situation, the Croatian Bar submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Justice regarding amendments to Croatian law in order to improve the protection of lawyers while performing their duties.

The UIA sent a letter to the Croatian authorities to express its concern and support the Croatian Bar’s efforts (see below).