Ejercicio de la abogacía | 20.02.2020

UIA-LexisNexis Collection: three new books available

These three books from UIA-LexsiNexis Collection have been launched at #UIALuxembourg congress.

1. Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
This book in English is dedicated to the legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence. It deals with new forms of regulation applicable to emerging technologies, and with the legal regimes that currently regulate the use of AI, including the new European regulation on the protection of personal data.
To find out what should (or can) the law do and how, click here

2. Drafting effective international contracts of agency and distributorship – a practical handbook
This book in English is dedicated to drafting international contracts of agency or distributorship in different countries. It highlights the points to consider to make sure contracts are properly drafted. To avoid pitfalls, consult our practical handbook

3. International Public Procurement
How do public procurement rules apply in EU countries and other regions of the world? This book is dedicated to assisting any practitioner in the public procurement sector willing to develop a fuller understanding of the public procurement process. Learn more about the specificities and the legislative developments at a global level. Click here.