Abogacía | 30.06.2020

Rule of Law in the Face of COVID-19 - Survey and Results

The UIA has surveyed lawyers across the globe to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legal, legislative, executive and judicial systems in their respective countries.

Specifically, we inquired about invocation of emergency powers; the functioning of the legislature; the functioning of the courts, including whether and to what extent court hearings were being held and  the impact on statutes of limitation.We also inquired whether and to what extent COVID-19 had impacted the practice of law and the functioning of law firms. Finally, we inquired as to whether there were any social programs available to lawyers to address loss or potential loss of business due to the coronavirus. 

Set forth below is a color coded assessment of the responses we received: 
- Green indicates little impact of the virus on the above elements or strong programs, policies or responses to amerliorate the effects of the virus.
- Red indicates strong virus impact and few or weak ameliorative responses by States.
- Yellow indicates varying degrees of impact.