Abogacía | 07.10.2023

Deep Dive into the Metaverse and Web3: Second Global Law Symposium

This Program will be In-Person and Live Streamed.

Program Presented by:
The Task Force on Emerging Digital Finance and Currency

Hosted by:

  • New York University
  • The Emerging Technologies Collaborative
  • The School of Professional Studies
  • New York City


Sponsored by:

  • Crescite
  • Bull Blockchain Law, LLP
  • Drohan Lee LLP
  • DMA United
  • Jurat Blockchains
  • ArentFox Schiff LLP
  • Edge Legal
  • National Society for Legal Technology
  • UIA International Association of Lawyers

This program will explore the global nature of Web3, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Assets in the law. It will highlight discussions on the regulatory and legislative landscape in this space in New York, the United States and the across the world. This event will delve into multiple practice areas and discuss the impact that Web3, Emerging Technologies and Digital Assets are having on the how lawyers represent clients and the ever-developing new legal issues presented by this new use of technology. The event will feature discussions on hot topics in the Web3 and Emerging Technologies.

Program Goals & Opportunities:

• Opportunities to engage with the global legal community on the issues arising with Web3, emerging technologies, and digital assets & currency.

• Understanding how to provide effective representation in this new space.

• Educating on legal issues Web3, emerging technologies, digital assets, and currency.

• Bringing together attorneys and industry representatives from all around the world.

Day One | October 16, 2023:

-Understanding the Impact of Web3/Metaverse/Digital Assets and Currency on Legal Practice Areas Around the World

-Cybersecurity Needs and Concerns for Lawyers Engaging in Use of Web3 & Metaverse Technology

-Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Who Are We Now?

-How Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets Impact Your Practice And Your Clients Interests, Including Real Property, Trusts and Estates and Tax Implications

-Entertainment Law in the Web3 & Metaverse World

-Understanding the Impact of Web3/Metaverse/Digital Assets and Currency on Legal Practice Areas Around the World: NFTs & Blockchain when Do Trademark and Copyright Issues Arise?

Reception (6pm-8pm) | ArentFox Schiff LLP | 1301 6th Ave 42nd Floor | New York, NY 10019

Day Two | October 17, 2023:

-Cross-Border Regulatory and Legislative Analysis: Pitfalls for Attorneys & Clients Operating in the Web3: Regulatory & Enforcement in Web3

-Web3 & UCC Nexus: Navigating the New Digital Frontier

-Importance of Global Engagement & Understanding of Technologies Impact on Law

-Web3’s Impact on Arbitration & Mediation

-An Outlook on Criminal Activity and Representation in Web3: Money Laundering, DLTs, Fraud and More

-How Cities Across the World Are Using the Metaverse: Improving Access to Justice & Resources

-The Ethical Issues Created by Web3/Metaverse in the Law: Crypto Currency, Privacy & Ethics