Comités nacionales | 10.05.2020

Activities carried out by the Italian Committee in 2019

Higher Education courses were held on Human Rights in Lecce and Bologna (Human Rights and Business), seminars in Milan, in particular on the topic of Sexual Harassment in the context of working relationships and on the topic of Environmental Sustainability; seminars on the topic of Trust in international law in Lecce; Informational meetings (Road Show) and social activities were organized in various cities to present the UIA to Italian lawyers. All the seminars, courses and meetings organized by the Italian Committee have met with considerable public success.

Italian UIA members are also very active and representative on UIA Commissions.

The Italian Committee has been very committed and it is too a protagonist in defending the rights of Turkish and Iranian colleagues, by sending separate protests to the ambassadors of Iran (“Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh- Request for immediate release”) and Turkey (“Endangered Lawyers- Turkey”) in Italy.

An important cultural development project has been implemented with the School of Higher Specialized Training, the institution of a specialized training course in the area of business law and international contracts and in the area of European Union Law.

In all activities, the Committee has involved the forensic Orders of the various Towns concerned, thus allowing a wider dissemination of the UIA, its principles and its purposes

Avv. Claudio Coggiatti
President of the UIA Italian National Committee

Avv. Maria Cristina Creti
Secretary of the UIA Italian National Committee

Avv. Guido Lachi
UIA Italian National Committee