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Song Wei is the President of the UIA Biotechnology Law Commission. He is a Professor and Dean of the School of Public Affairs, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He serves as the vice president of China Science, Technology and Law Association. He is also executive editor-in-chief of the journal “ Science Technology and LAW”. His teaching and research interests focus on biotechnology law, science policy, innovation management and intellectual property management. He published over eighty papers related to science and technology policy. He has been Visiting professor at Michigan State University (2003), Fulbright Scholar at University of Washington (2007), and China-EU visiting professor (2011).
Janice F. Mulligan, of Mulligan, Braham &Findley, is a lawyer. She has expertise in Medical Professional Liability & teaches courses to lawyers and physicians internationally. With extensive leadership experience in ABA TIPS, she served on the ABA House of Delegates. She recently contributed to Legal Implications and Strategies in the Third Edition of The Textbook of Spinal Surgery. Currently she is also President of UIA Health Law Commission.
Joanna Krakowiak, of Wardyński & Partners, is a legal adviser and a member of the Life Science and Regulatory Law Practice. She handles pharmaceutical law, food law and regulations concerning food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices. Joanna graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw (2002). She is also a graduate of the British Centre for English and European Legal Studies in conjunction with the University of Cambridge. She has written articles on commercial law and co-authored the Polish chapter in Corporate Business Forms in Europe (Sellier European Legal Publishers 2005).
OTHMANI Mohamed Mehdi (already emailed him to ask for bio but did not get reply)



Knowledge is like a vessel that needs to be infused with new insight as bioethical developments arise and cause us to differentiate our challenges for the future from those of the past. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, this group challenges and explores not only the fundamental rights and interests of humans and other animals as a continuum of cognitive ability, but addresses how, together, we can shape the future so that innovation and moral principles are in balance. We will be the interdisciplinary group of legal and medical professionals, biologists, bioethicists, philosophers, and economists, who reflect the moral center of the Union Internationale des Avocats.




The Biotechnology Law Commission was established within UIA in 1999 pursuant to the initiative of Mr. Alain BENSOUSSAN who served as the first President. Ms. Geneviève AUGENDRE was the next President, followed by Mr. Bâtonnier Augusto LOPES CARDOSO, and thereafter followed by Ms. Barbara J. GISLASON.




2016 Homology of Medicine and Food: New Legislation and New Policy in the Era of Gene
2015 Brain Sofware, Genomics and Personalized Medicine: Legal and Biotechnology Challenges
2014 Biotechnology Law and New Frontiers


2018 What do the applications of Gene Editing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Bring to the Fields of Life Science, Medical Supply, Food Supply and Environmental Impact?
2017 Artificial Intelligence and the Kill Switch: Biotech and High Tech Companies Grow Up
2016 Hacking Pacemakers and Beyond: Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare
2015 Risk Management, the Brain, and Lawyer Best Practices
2014 Innovation, Health and the Right to Know: The Law of Food, Fiber & Toxins
2013 Biotechnology and Neuroscience
2012 The Right to Medical Treatment
2011 Life Sciences and the Biotechnology Economy: How Far Should We Go? (with the Intellectual Property Law Commission)
2010 Assisted Reproductive Technology
2009 The Principle of Autonomy
2008 Biotechnology and Food Security
2007 The Right of Web 2.0 Identity and Virtual Identity
2006 The Exchange on Nominal Data and Cross Border Flow The Birth Resulting From a Fault
2005 Genetic Data Base: The Digital World Presents a Challenge for the Law The Study of a Case of Body Damages from its First Report to Inquiry, Preparation and Presentation of the Case and the Judicial Decision The Rights of Children Under Islam (with the Commission on Children’s Law)The Rights of the Digital Man: Problems and Experiences
2004 Genetic Therapy and Ethics Evolution of the Possibility of Research on Embryos What Health for our Children? (with the Commission on Children’s Law)
2003 Genetic Tests and Data
2002 The Patentability of Living Matter
2000 Cloning: Ethical and Juridical Aspects Experimentation and Protocols in Respect to Therapeutic Testing
1999 Evidence in Matters Involving Biotechnology The Situation of the Patentability of the Human Genome




Please let me know how you would prefer this Commission grow and identify what contributions you would like to make, including in a leadership role. Your ideas and communications are important and appreciated. Thank you for letting me serve you.

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