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The purpose of the Commission is to address contemporary issues related to media law including the print media, television, radio, internet, blogs, social networks, all cultural means of communication, the means of communication of companies, etc.

The law of the press and the media implements the principles of freedom of expression and the right to information.

Media rights face many constraints, even in countries where freedom of expression is upheld in principle: the right to respect for private life, the protection of business secrets, the right to respect for human dignity, etc.

Faced with the diversity of means and techniques for the dissemination of information, the Commission is led to discuss the many contemporary challenges related to media law: the fight against false information, the fight against hate content on the internet, etc.

In a world where communication has no borders, the Commission explores the various legal issues related to media law by offering an international comparative analysis.

The Commission is a place of study, reflection, and dialogue in which lawyers bring their expertise and share their international professional experience, it is chaired by Emmanuel PIERRAT, Lawyer at the Paris Bar (France).

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