UIA Members | 11.12.2021

UIA sets an example

Since 8 December 2021, you can not only find a lawyer on the homepage of the UIA website, but also a female lawyer.

At the suggestion of our colleague Jean-François Henrotte, Director of Digital Strategy, the UIA has replaced on the French and Spanish version of UIA webiste the "Find a Lawyer" button with the feminised versions "Trouver un(e) avocat(e)" and "Buscar a un/a abogado/a". 

This initiative reflects the UIA's support for the Women's Committee and expresses its commitment to participate in the achievement of one of its primary objectives, namely the promotion of the status and role of women lawyers in the profession throughout the world.

While thanking the UIA, the Women's Committee hopes that the collective members of the UIA will follow its example and act to establish a full partnership between women lawyers and men lawyers within the profession.

Elisabeth Zakharia Sioufi
President of the UIA Women's Committee