International | 17.11.2023

UIA Announces Jacqueline Scott as new President

Jacqueline Scott, a Washington, DC (USA)- based lawyer and co-founder of the law firm FortneyScott, became President of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) at the closing ceremony of the UIA's 67th Annual Congress in Rome on 29 October, where she succeeded Urquiola De Palacio.

Rome, November 16:
A UIA member since 2003 and co-founder and President of FortneyScott, Jacqueline Scott is an internationally renowned lawyer whose diverse practice includes business, international and employment law.
As President of the UIA, Jacqueline Scott has responsibility for overseeing and leading the UIA’s attorney members in 110 countries. UIA fosters professional development and the exchange of information and ideas internationally, promotes the rule of law, defends the independence and freedom of lawyers worldwide, and emphasizes friendship, collegiality and networking among members.

In her new role, Ms. Scott explained her vision for the UIA and its members, stating " As lawyers, we come from many different countries, speak dozens of different languages and have varying politics and cultures too numerous to count. Yet, we are all part of the Lawyer Nation- we speak the same legal language, we have the same values, we are beholden to the principles of our profession -- confidentiality, due process, fair trial, and adequate representation. We share as our common purpose zealous and independent representation of our clients, and, most importantly, our raison d'être is the defense of the Rule of Law. This is what binds us together, even when circumstances might pull us apart.

In commenting on her new responsibilities as the UIA’s President, Ms. Scott further explained that “I am looking forward to an exciting year in which we expand the UIA’s membership and services. My personal and professional experiences, as well as my service and commitment to UIA, have given me a deep and comprehensive understanding of the essential role of lawyers and Bars and the issues facing our profession."

Jacqueline Scott intends to build on the UIA’s long history of leadership of the Lawyer Nation, continuing many of the strong initiatives of pasts presidents while finding new and innovative ways to bring lawyers closer together and strengthen the impact of the UIA around the world. She will work to promote inclusion and diversity within the UIA, continue UIA’s mentoring program to welcome young lawyers and law students, and establish strategic alliances between collective member Bars.

Most importantly, she will continue to defend the Rule of Law, which is the bedrock of any just and civilized society. As Ms. Scott explained, “the Rule of Law is a fundamental principle that ensures that every individual, including the government and its officials, is accountable under the law, that rights and freedoms are protected, and that justice is accessible to all.

Additional information on Jacqueline Scott.  
Jacqueline Scott is an internationally renowned lawyer,she counsels US and foreign-based clients on employment, executive compensation, and assists them in their international development. Jacqueline Scott also advises clients on federal government procurement matters, particularly with respect to the workplace.

Jacqueline Scott has significant experience and expertise in adjudicating both U.S. and international commercial and employment disputes. She served for many years as the United States’ Member and First Vice President of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal. Drawing on years of experience in the securities industry as an attorney for an international financial institution, Ms. Scott served in the U.S. as an arbitrator for the securities industry with the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Jacqueline Scott's practice includes significant expertise in workplace investigations, specifically, conducting workplace investigations for employers in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. She has investigated sensitive matters involving fraud and mismanagement; harassment and discrimination; and matters arising under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Jacqueline Scott is a frequent lecturer on issues of international labor and employment law, including, expatriate and secondment agreements, overtime, minimum wage, data privacy, worker classification status, and international tax. She also speaks regularly on human rights, protection of lawyers, and rule of law.

Before becoming the UIA President, Jacqueline Scott was an active member of the UIA, successively holding the positions of Secretary and Vice-President of the Labour Law Commission. Subsequently, she was director of the Protection of Lawyers Commission, before becoming co-director of Human Rights and the Protection of Lawyers. In 2017, she was elected Deputy Director General of the UIA Institute for the Rule of Law (UIA-IROL). In 2018, she was elected Director General of UIA-IROL, a position she held for five years.