UIA Members | 02.04.2020

Phishing attempts - April 2020

Dear Members,

As a precautionary measure, please be advised that certain phishing attempts are targeting some UIA members. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, emails purporting to be from “krik kreisher" or “amy foster”. They usurp for fraudulent purposes the identity of the UIA and propose to sell the contact details of our member base. These emails obviously are not from the UIA. We recommend that you do not open or respond to them in any way, but rather simply delete the messages from your mailbox.

Whenever you receive such an email, please always check the sender’s address. Please remember that all UIA email addresses end with @uianet.org. If a message is not sent from an email address ending in @uianet.org, it is not from the UIA.

If in doubt, contact our services in Paris: uiacentre@uianet.org  or +33 1 44 88 55 66 77, before responding to any message of this type.

We thank you for your attention and send you our best wishes during this very trying time.