UIA Members | 16.08.2019

Phishing attempts

As a precaution, we wanted to alert you that we have become aware of various phishing attempts currently being directed at certain UIA members by unknown perpetrators.

These attempts are in the form of emails that purport to come from the President of the UIA, Issouf Baadhio. They also include UIA contact information. 

The messages are in English and ask the recipient to contact a telephone number located in the Philippines to provide assistance to a UIA member who is supposedly on his way to his sister’s funeral in the email recipient’s country.

These emails are fraudulent, do not originate from President Baadhio or the UIA, and are designed to appeal to the sympathy of the recipients to induce them to provide money to the sender. 

If you have received such a message, please do not respond to the email, do not call the telephone numbers provided, do not click on any hyperlink, and do not engage in any other way with the sender. 

If you already have provided information to the sender such as:
- your username or password, you should change your password immediately.
- your bank details, you should immediately contact your bank to stop payment and take other appropriate measures such as cancelling the credit card used.

We believe that the data used in these emails do not come from data leaks from our information systems. We want to assure you that we take this matter very seriously and we make every effort to ensure security and prevent misuse of our systems. In addition and for our members’ protection, neither the UIA nor any of its officers or staff will ever request a member to pay money to a third party. Please note that all communications from UIA Staff come from domain: uianet.org.

Thank you for your attention to this.