UIA Members | 02.11.2020

Jorge Martí is the new President of UIA

Jorge Martí, a partner with the Spanish law firm, Uría Menéndez, in Valencia, has taken over the presidency of the UIA at the end of its first virtual congress ever. Jorge Martí took the post following his appointment by the organisation's General Assembly held in Luxembourg last year.

Established in 1927 in the context of the creation of the League of Nations, UIA represents nearly one million lawyers through its individual and collective members (bars, federations and associations) in more than 110 countries. Its goal is to promote the basic principles of the legal profession and the development of legal science in all areas of the law at international level.

Jorge Martí, director of Uría Menéndez law firm's Valencia office until 2018, has been a UIA member for more than twenty years. He has been highly proactive within the association and, in recent years, he chaired UIA's Corporate Law Commission and the Spanish National Committee until 2015, the year that the association's Annual Congress was held in Valencia under his leadership.

Following the success of this event, Jorge Martí decided to take up the post of UIA President to support the association's growth, enhance its prestige and international reputation, and ensure its internal and external resources.

Among the proposals advocated by Jorge Martí, are the implementation of free international consultation programmes between UIA members, the creation of a UIA Award to recognise the work of young lawyers and law students, and the continuation of UIA’s mentoring programme.

Beyond these aspects, Jorge Martí also wishes to focus his term as President on affirming UIA's role in the Anglo-Saxon market and increasing its influence in emerging Asian markets such as India and China. He also wishes to take advantage of the benefits of new technologies and social networks to strengthen UIA's commitment to the defence of human rights and diversity, and to promote the role of women and young people in “an inclusive and global organization that fights against injustice and allows us to live in a more just society.”