Partner's Event | 09.12.2019

Global Lawyers Forum (GLF) - Guangzhou, China

Global Lawyers Forum (GLF) is a grand gathering for the global legal profession hosted by All China Lawyers Association. Upholding the spirit of the rule of law in building a community with a shared future for mankind, GLF is committed to providing a platform for lawyers across the world to exchange and cooperate, further consolidating the consensus of the international legal profession, steering lawyers’ participation in the reform of the global governance system, forming a well-developed global network of legal partnership, and jointly promoting a civilized world ruled by law.

With the theme of "scientific and technological progress and legal services", the conference will invite 600 guests from governments, judicial departments, financial circles, international organizations of lawyers, bar associations and law firms around the world to exchange insights on the topics, such as “the Belt and Road Initiative” and legal services, cross-border investment and international mergers and acquisitions, international trade and compliance, dispute resolution and international arbitration.

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