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  • 2019-11-08T10:00:00 2019-11-08T13:30:00 Europe/Paris Insurance law / Biotechnology Law / Health Law European Convention Center Luxembourg Salle D UIA
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Insurance law / Biotechnology Law / Health Law

  • 08/11/2019 - 9:00 - 12:30
  • European Convention Center Luxembourg Salle D


How are Today’s Dream Medical and Biological Innovations Creating Tomorrow’s Legal and Insurance Nightmares?
Join us as we explore the frontier of how today’s medical and biotechnological innovations are creating legal, insurance and intellectual property nightmares. Panelists will discuss the problems and also explore recommendations and legal solutions for solving these problems.

Francesca FERRARIO, “M-health and wearable devices: health care dream or privacy nightmare?”
Barbara GISLASON, ”Virtual Reality, Brain Science, and Legal Frameworks: What is the Future?"
Andrew GROSSO, "The Ethics and Minefields in Embryonic Research: Growing Functioning Brainlets in a Petri Dish."
Francoise HECQUET,
Delphine JAAFAR,
"Legal Impacts of IA in Healthcare"
Christopher B. KENDE, “Insurance Considerations Involving Big Data in Healthcare and Virtual Medicine”
Janice F. MULLIGAN, “Stem Cells: The Hope, the Hype and the Harm”
Supermann N’GANN,
Peter REYES,
"Can I accept the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine without the court summons?  Navigating the intersection of medical innovations, liability claims, and intellectual property."
Eliana SILVA DE MORAES, "Legal tools of risk control for biomedical products in Mercosur countries - consequences and challenges"
Wei SONG, "New Trends of Tea Biotechnology Used in Food and Medicine in China"
Rupinder SINGH SURI "Taking Healthcare Industry to the Next Level- Innovation and Excellence with Nightmare"
Shigeki TAKAHASHI, "Prof. Honjo’s Challenge -To whom does the medicine belong?"


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