Italian National Committee

The Italian Committee, under the chairmanship of Claudio Coggiatti, counts now more than one hundred members (individuals), in addition to several collective members representing prestigious institutions (including the Bar of Naples, a brand new Collective Member).

The Italian Committee holds its meetings with a bimonthly frequency, covering the territory through different Italian cities, thus contributing to the effectiveness of the UIA mission. Each member of the Italian Committee receives the meeting minutes. A copy - in English - is also sent to the UIA Centre in Paris.

Moreover, the Italian Committee has its own newsletter, which is used to inform its members of scientific events organised in Italy and abroad by the Italian Committee and the UIA.

The members of the Italian Committee are very active in the organisation of seminars and scientific events (the Italian Committee organised 19 educational events  - seminars and courses in 2018, under the patronage of the UIA).

Further,  the Italian National Bar Council has authorised the Italian Committee to set up a Higher Specialised Legal Education School in the areas of European Law and International Law (with a special focus on international commercial and business law and human rights).

We believe that the Italian Committee - during the last year (2018) – has played a significant role in the framework of the mission of the UIA: (i) it has contributed to the dissemination of the UIA presence through the national territory; (ii) it has applied and made known the principles and guidelines of the UIA; (iii) it has encouraged Italian members to attend meetings; (iv) it has disseminated cultural and scientific contents of considerable level.

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