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The International Estate Planning (IEP) Commission studies and explores the many international elements tied to the family patrimonial assets and interests as well as foreseeing the impact that a person’s demise may have a within a family and corporate structure.

We are one of the Commissions with the most international involvement, as the estate planning cases are more and more reflective of a globalised world, with foreign investments and pluri-localised assets and estate playing a major role.

The IEP Commission also aims to attract newcomers from all backgrounds and more lawyers and specialists in the field to develop knowledge, raise awareness to the topic and contribute the network pool of our members.

We have been working closely with the Family Law Commission for the past years, holding a joint session at the annual congresses and have been very successful in attendance and appraisal.

The Commission is very active and conducts works with the help of its members, all of whom are specialised in Estate Planning and have had international experience, but wants to keep the Commission open to all professionals who are interested in this subject.

Should you wish to reach out to our Commission for any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email our President, Joana Alves Cardoso, at

Warm regards,

Joana Alves Cardoso.

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