The Insurance Commission brings fellow members working in the field of insurance law together, who wish to share their knowledge and discuss issues related to specific problems concerning their subject-matter.

Its other aims are to promote the dissemination of legal and case law information concerning this field, to come up with common approaches and encourage collaboration between fellow members who work within the framework of different legal systems.

The Insurance Law Commission regularly deals with issues relating to insurance coverage, types of risks, policy wording, litigating insurance claims and numerous other topics relating to insurance and reinsurance. The Commission frequently participates in joint presentations with other commissions including the Health Law Commission, the Tort Law Commission and the Transport Law Commission.

At the Toronto Congress for example the Commission joined with the Health Law Commission and Tort Law Commission to discuss topics relating to medical malpractice and hospital liability from the perspective of different countries, including the US, France, Japan and Australia. This year the Commission will participate in two joint sessions, one with the Transport Commission on driverless vehicles and drones and one with the Commission on the Management of Law Firms on cyber risks and professional exposure of lawyers in the case of hacking of private information.

UIA Congress 2023: The Insurance Law Commission will lead a session on the insurability of the environmental crimes in collaboration with the Animal Law, the Criminal Law Commissions and the Compliance /Anti-Money Laundering Subcommittee at the UIA Annual Congress in October 2023 in Rome.

The President of the Insurance Law Commission is a member of the organizing committee of the 68th Annual Congress in October 2024 in Paris.

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