Foreign Investments (or FDI, Foreign Direct Investment) is the key for world development. FDI is influenced by many different factors such as economic, social, political and legal factors but ultimately depends on the decision of an investor that will balance each factor in a different manner having in mind its specific investment project.

Strategies and policies attracting of FDI vary from country to country. However, it is commonly accepted that creating a good infrastructure system, lowering inflation, educating a population, simplifying business regulations, combating corruption and red tape, promoting political stability and building a reliable legal system are very important measures to attract FDI.

Foreign Investment may assume different types and forms. Depending on that FDI involves different legal issues and topics, from international agreements on the protection and promotion of FDI, regulatory rules on FDI, incentives and taxation matters, dispute resolution, among others.

The Foreign Investment Commission of UIA is a forum for analysis and debate on all FDI related subjects that aims to contribute to the exchange of views and experiences among different countries around the world. 

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