The Contract Law Commission’s area of activity covers the legal and practical issues connected with drafting, negotiating, executing and enforcing all types of business law contracts.

We address these issues during UIA congress sessions and at various seminars organised by our Commission, either alone or with other UIA Commissions. We measure our success in these activities by the increasing number of participants wanting to learn more about international contract law, and by the positive feedback we receive from participants.

The Contract Law Commission works with concrete examples drawn from our practices, as part of our very practical, hands-on approach to contract law issues. Abstract discussions are not for us! Only in this way can the members of our Commission gain practical benefits from our meetings, sessions and papers.

The drafting of a well-structured, comprehensive and well-working business law agreement is a form of art, which we try to enhance by sharing the vast experience gained by each member of the Commission.

If you are interested in learning more details on our Commission’s activity, in joining the Commission or even actively participating in our work, please contact any of us.


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