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ISIS, and our Legal Profession

by Ahmed Abdulqader Abdulla
Secretary of the Council of Kurdistan Bar Association
Since 2012 Kurdistan region have been passing through a very harsh economical crisis, due to the disagreement on the right of the extraction and selling of the region's oil between Erbil and Baghdad, and cutting its budget part by the Iraqi Federal Government. 
And after appearing the largest and the brutal terrorist group; Kurdistan region faces the most danger threat in the whole Middle East, and this happened after the occupation of a wide area in the east of Syria and the east north of Iraq and the declaration of establishment of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by this organization. 
And due to our unfortunate geographical area, this terrorist organization (state) has bordered with us within thousand kilometers and with the Kurdish inhabitant areas from Syria (Afrin, Jazera and Kobani Cantons) and in Iraq (Kurdistan region) and those areas that have been captured by ISIS.
And since the ideology of this group have been extracted from an Islamic ancestral expiatory in its most radical model, in which the world have been bound to be a place where charity surrendered to the war and Muslims have been renegaded and putrefied by the west, and they deviated from the real Islam. That is why power and the violence is the only way to return them to the right path.
This group has committed a lot of crimes against the humanity and war crimes and especially against women and children in Shangal and Mosul plain areas where its inhabitants are Yezidians and Christians. And for the purpose of introducing such crimes as genocide; the Kurdistan Bar Association have formed a special committee from the experienced lawyers to collect the evidences and the required documents for this case.
ISIS has announced the Islamic Khalafa due to their belief that the Islamic shari'a is the only source for all the laws and they have issued many critical decisions:
• They stopped working of Iraqi state laws and they cancelled all civil and criminal laws.
• They closed the civil courts and they established the legal courts, where the legal judge governs it.
• They closed the law schools (Law Colleges) from those cities under their control.
• Cancellation of the legal profession, in the view of under the Islamic Khalafat the justice is absolute and nobody needs a lawyer to defend him / her. And in the view of Islam this profession is forbidden (Haram), that is why the lawyers under the ISIS controlled areas left their places and face Kurdistan region and request to be a member in our Association or to allow them to practice their profession in Kurdistan region.
And currently due to the bad economic situation in Kurdistan region and the increase in the number of lawyers, the financial situation of the lawyers is heading to a low direction. And the Bar Association have stopped all its activities. And according to the Kurdistan bar this bad situation is temporal and with the resistance of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and with the cooperation and help of our allies in the world ISIS will be vanished, and the economic situation will re-growth and duly will result in a good economic situation for the lawyers and makes our bar to resume its activities.
Ahmed Abdulqader Abdulla, Secretary of the Council of Kurdistan Bar Association