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Corruption, Transparency and Justice

Macau Congress Resolution - 2013

Since 1997, the year in which the OECD convention was signed, the fight against corruption has become a major issue for the international community. It has led in particular to the signing of the United Nations’ Convention against Corruption in 2014 and to several states and institutions taking a stand against corruption.

At its annual Congress in October 2013 in Macau, China, where issues of corruption are at the heart of many ongoing debates, there was presented a resolution entitled, “Corruption, transparency and justice”. This resolution was adopted on 29 March, 2014.

Given the harmful effects of corruption on public trust in governments and institutions, as well as the danger it constitutes to democratic principles, it is important that whilst corruption is fought, it is not fought at the cost of imperilling the lawful rights of defendants or prejudicing the rule of law generally.

The UIA therefore appeals to lawyers, states and international organisations to put in place a series of measures aimed at ensuring – within the sphere of their competence – compliance with the laws and guarantees enshrined in existing procedures, in particular to prevent and fight against corruption.