Exercice de la profession | 15.04.2020


UIAPODCAST propose des conversations avec d'éminents praticiens pour aider les avocats du monde entier à comprendre les impacts du COVID-19 sur la pratique professionnelle et à répondre aux besoins de leurs clients.



UIA President Jerry Roth talks with UIA member Steven Richman, an American expert in domestic and international commercial law. They discuss the doctrine of Force Majeure in the time of COVID-19 with respect to both national and cross-border contracts. 
Enregistré le 8 juin 2020.


UIA President Jerry Roth speaks with California lawyer Natalie Pierce, a globally recognized specialist in employment law and AI.  She talks about the impact of COVID on legal practice, responding to clients’ needs, what we can expect post-COVID, and more.
Enregistré le 10 avril 2020.