Évènements | 11.07.2023

31st UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres

The 31st UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, which recently took place in Frankfurt, will remain forever etched in the memories of all participants from over 20 countries, located on the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas.
The scientific program allowed the most beautiful anticipations. The sessions were even richer in lessons and sharing than expected.  Participants, some of whom traveled many thousands of kilometers to attend,  heard from 39 speakers a variety of topics related to mediation, and challenges to conflict resolution worldwide.
This 31st Forum is in line with the development of international trade mediation, which will undoubtedly take, in 2023, a tangible acceleration by relying on a foundation that aims to be increasingly solid, objectively recognized by the actors in international trade.

Mediation is, in itself, a performance tool contributing to the good management of companies. This truth has been regularly highlighted by testimonials from professionals and entrepreneurs during previous FORUMs, notably in Luxembourg (in 2016) in Singapore (in 2017) and in Zurich (in 2019), and in the territory of Val Europe with the intervention of DEFTA, EOZ and TOTAL in 2018.
The experience acquired in recent years, and the results show that mediation is certainly a way that has its place in the management of disputes in international trade, and that it is no longer really just an "alternative" mode.
It is thus remarkable to have noted, in France, the official launch of the amicable policy and the creation of the National Committee for Mediation.
Mediation is no longer just a subject discussed between mediators, lawyers and mediation centres. It certainly concerns business leaders, the legal department of companies, decision-makers, the political and judicial world. As proof, not only the 31st Forum was organized in the prestigious premises of IHK, but in addition, it received the sponsor of EQUANIM INTERNATIONAL, and the support of the national committee and the committee 77 of Foreign Trade Advisors of France, Val d'Europe Agglomeration (Fields of Opportunities), the CCI of S&M, IMI, Lexis Nexis, AMIDIF, and the law firms DITGES and VDV lawyers.
Mediation also concerns by definition young people interested in international and business development. The Forum creates an opportunity for cross-generation discussion of ideas about conflict resolution methods.  Participants ranged from deeply-experienced, full-time professional mediators with multiple decades of experience, to more recently-trained mediators with fresh, new ideas about how to integrate the mediation process into their jurisdictions’ conflict resolution system.

Of course, the highlight of this Forum, as with all of those in past years, was the opportunity once again to connect with friends and colleagues from around the world, and to develop new relationships with colleagues who attend the Forum for the first time.

The 32nd UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres will be organised in London on April 4 to 6, 2024 with the support of CEDR. Come many! You are welcome to come join in this critically important venture to help the nations of the world better learn how to prevent and resolve conflicts and disputes, both within their own borders, and internationally.

Co-President of the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, Lawyer at the Meaux and New York Bars, Mediator, VDV Avocats, Associate Professor University Gustave Eiffel
Serris, France


Co-President of the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, Attorney-Mediator
Dallas, TX, USA