Prize | 26.08.2019

2nd UIA Photo Contest: Luxembourg 2019

Money is the subject of our 2nd Photo Contest:

What do you associate with Money?

Currency, liquidity, energy, freedom, fear, philosophy, spirituality, luxury, poverty, stability, health, beauty, responsibility, fun...

Closing date for all competition photos is September 30, 2019 (

Send pictures in a resolution that allow an exhibition in the format approx. 60x50cm”
The 10 best photos will be selected by a jury, to be shown during the Luxembourg Congress from 6 to 10 November, 2019. The first prize will be presented at the Congress.

Terms and conditions: By taking part in this photography competition, you agree with the following terms and conditions: The competition is open exclusively to UIA members and/or to delegates who registered for the Luxembourg Congress; Only one photograph (black and white or colour) can be sent by each participant; You must indicate the date and the place where the photo was taken; Each photograph shall be sent, in digital format (jpeg/large format) before September 30, 2019 to the following address: You declare and warrant that you are the photographer, you hold any and all rights and you have obtained the consent of any person represented. You grant UIA the right to use, reproduce and expose your photograph on all types of media (digital, paper, multimedia, etc.) for an unlimited duration, completely free of charge. The jury reserves the right not to select a photograph which would conflict with the morals and spirit of the competition.