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The commissions and working groups organised by the Union Internationale des Avocats (International Association of Lawyers - UIA) work in specific areas in the fields of business law and general practice, as well as human rights law.

These commissions and working groups publish newsletters and contributions from members who would like to see their work read by other lawyers who work in the same field in other countries.

In addition, the commissions offer members a forum for exchanging information and expertise, especially at the annual congresses but also at seminars or other events.


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Last update on May 23, 2017


The Corporate Law commission of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA) analyses current problems in companies law from academic and practical standpoints.

Since its members come from different jurisdictions, the problems are generally analysed with a comparative law approach, which enriches discussions, because the problems are analysed mentioning the differences in several legal systems.

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Last update on May 23, 2017


The UIA Bankruptcy Law Commission could be considered to be one of the commissions with the greatest international involvement, as the insolvency of a company in one country affects its affiliates, suppliers, workers and creditors in other countries.

Moreover, the Commission's work is closely tied to that of other commissions, primarily the Litigation Commission, the Foreign Investment Commission and the Corporate Law Commission, as well as, to an increasing extent, the Family Law Commission.

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Last update on May 23, 2017


The International Arbitration Commission is comprised of lawyers practising in various jurisdictions who are engaged in international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration.

The Commission’s focus primarily centres on the development of international arbitration law and, in particular, new trends in arbitration law and practice.

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