UIA Young Lawyers’ Network

The key to the UIA’s future is its enthusiastic, proactive and dynamic young members.

Our origins

One of the UIA's key priorities is to attract more young lawyers to join the organisation and become increasingly involved with its various committees, groups and initiatives.

To this end, the Young Lawyers’ Network was founded in 2012 during the 56th UIA Congress held in Dresden. The subcommittee aims to provide support to young members and help young lawyers fulfil their objectives, expand their networks and further their careers. The subcommittee also provides a forum in which young members can meet other members and become more involved in their chosen commissions and the running of the UIA.

Our goals

We will build upon the existing framework and increase the opportunities for young members to develop their skills and expand their professional networks through the UIA annual congresses, seminars and training programs. Young lawyers also provide the UIA with fresh ideas and a connection to the future leaders of the legal industry.
The objectives of the Young Lawyers’ Network are to identify, discuss and promote issues concerning young lawyers around the world and within the organisation. We aim to achieve these objectives through communication with other UIA committees, so we can adequately promote activities and programs to young members and ensure that young lawyers are fully involved.

Our institutional role

The Young Lawyers' Network, which is similar to other UIA Committees, has an Executive Body chaired by President Flora Harragin, Vice-president Joana Alves Cardoso and Secretary Isidro Niñerola Torres. 
The President of the Young Lawyers' Network is also a member of the Executive Committee and the Governing Board, ensuring that the voices of young lawyers are heard at the highest level of the organisation.
The President of the Young Lawyers' Network also participates in the UIA's Training Division, ensuring that suitable training programmes are offered and directed towards young lawyers.  He is also a member of the jury of the International Jacques Leroy Prize for Business and Human Rights.
The Young Lawyers' Network also has a representative on the Editorial Board of the UIA's publication, Juriste International.

Our activities

The Young Lawyers' Network holds its annual session at the UIA's Annual Congress. We also organise well-attended social events, including football matches, lunches and happy hours.