UIA Women’s Committee

The UIA Women's Committee works to promote and strengthen the status and role of women lawyers in the profession.

To this end, it organises workshops and seminars in order to identify the different problems to be targeted, on the basis of a comparative approach,  and to establish strategies and action plans to remedy them, which it will implement with the support of UIA and in close collaboration with its collective and individual members.

The Committee also works to improve the status of women wherever needed, in particular to eliminate all forms of violence against women. In this perspective, the Committee has created a Working Group which brings together UIA's collective and individual members concerned about effectively combating any violation of women's rights and ensuring their effective access to justice. One of the main objectives of this Working Group is to draft a Charter of Fundamental Principles for access to justice for women victims of violence.

Membership of the Committee and the Working Group is open to all colleagues who are UIA members.

If you wish to join, please write to the President of the Committee, Elisabeth Zakharia Sioufi at the following email address: elisabethsioufi[@g]mail.com


"Through connection to colleagues across the globe, being in the UIA has strengthened my ability to work internationally and, in turn, has afforded my firm better opportunities to provide service for current clients and to acquire new ones."


Aliant Qais Conrad Laureate, Nigeria member UIAdvance