UIA Women’s Committee

The UIA women's network was born several years ago out of a desire to bring together members of the association at each Congress to hear from an exceptional woman or organization.

We have had the chance to meet and discuss with the following women:

  • Yasmeen HASSAN Global Director of Equality Now – New York, United States (May 2014)
  • Catherine COTSAKI President of the Hellenic Association of Mediation – Athens, Greece (September 2014)
  • Mireia LOPEZ MONTOYA BVLGARI Managing Director Accessories Business Unit – Florence, Italy (October 2014)
  • Martina GALLARZA Professor of Marketing and Consumer Attitudes, University of Valencia – Valencia, Spain (October 2015)
  • Maria Paula MILHEIRAO Senior Partner at the Portuguese Law Firm SRS – Lisbon, Portugal (September 2016)
  • Chair of the Bar Elina FRAGA Lisbon, Portugal (September 2016)
  • Marta FULOP Professor of Social Psychology – Budapest, Hungary (October 2016)

These meetings are a great networking opportunity for our members. They allow us to strengthen our ties during congresses, learn more about our respective professional practices, and maintain contact between congresses via social networks. They also facilitate involvement in committees and working groups, public speaking, and the integration of newer members by older members.

The network is led by Françoise HECQUET and Saida EL IRAKI, Ana MASIOTA, Maria CRONIN, Ángela DIAZ-BASTIEN and Anne-Carole CREMADES.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


"Through connection to colleagues across the globe, being in the UIA has strengthened my ability to work internationally and, in turn, has afforded my firm better opportunities to provide service for current clients and to acquire new ones."


Aliant Qais Conrad Laureate, Nigeria member UIAdvance