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Forum mondial des Centres de Médiation

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12e Forum mondial des Centres de médiation

du 30 au 31 janvier 2009 à Lausanne, Suisse

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The Forum of Mediation Centres was created in 2001 by the Mediation Commission of the UIA. It brings together the most important commercial mediation and ADR centres from around the world and offers an occasion to exchange views on the development of ADR and best practices. It is also an occasion for centres to collaborate on specific programmes.

The meeting in Lausanne will be the 12th since the creation of the Forum.


This meeting will take place at a crucial moment. The implementation of the European directive throughout the Union, the creation of the International Mediation Institute, the turmoil created by the financial crisis are a number of factors which should result in the development of mediation all over the world.


It is important that the main actors of the mediation market take these two days to reflect together on the changes in this quickly evolving market.

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