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Win, Keep and Grow your Clients: Marketing and Communication Strategies for Law Firms

du 03 au 04 mai 2018 à Paris, France

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How lawyers manage their marketing demonstrates the way in which they deliver client services. Day 1 will focus on building and developing relationships from the first contact to winning the mandate.  These marketing skills are fundamental throughout long-term client relationships. 

It costs up to nine times more to win a new client than to win more work from a current client.  When clients start feeling that their lawyers are taking them for granted, and not nurturing them as they did at the start of a relationship, they are vulnerable to approaches from other law firms.  Day 2 will focus on how to prevent this and how to ensure that loyal clients become your greatest ambassadors.

Objectives of the workshop are to develop strategies and skills to:

·         win more clients

·         win more work

·         keep your current clients happy and loyal

·         grow your current clients

For all lawyers who would like to:

·         revise and refresh their marketing and communication skills

·         re-motivate themselves and find new energy

·         up-date their strategies and skills to adjust to the constantly changing multi-media environment

·         learn a range of marketing and communication techniques

·         revise and refresh what they already know

·         build their confidence

By the end of the workshop you will know how to:

·         increase your marketing success

·         adapt your marketing and communication according to different jurisdictions, cultures, sectors, clients, people and personalities

·         manage a wide range of varying and sometimes difficult situations through effective communication

·         understand the role of communication skills in winning and keeping clients happy

·         identify and overcome the challenges of communicating 

Relevant, participative and interactive workshop

·         The principles of the workshop apply to:

o   All sizes of firms: smallest to largest, national and international

o   All practice areas

o   All sizes and types of clients: including across sectors;  structures; family, public or private

·         Sessions are conducted in a whole variety of ways, including: presentations, PowerPoint, participants working individually, in pairs, in small groups, in larger groups, as a whole.

·         Interactive participation includes: case-studies, role plays, quizzes, exercises, practicals, questionnaires, templates, checklists, problem-solving and theory-to-practice sessions.

·         Discussions allow participants to share their experiences with others and have constructive problem-solving debates, which lead to practical and relevant solutions and lessons which can be learned from each other.

·         Personal Action Plan - each individual creates a Personal Action Plan, of actions that they will carry out when they return to work. They can then immediately apply what they have learned as soon as they get back to the office from the workshop.

Working language

The sessions will be held in English without simultaneous translation.

Accreditation of courses

Every participant attending the entire 2 days Training Course programme will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” at the end of the Course that may be used for obtaining “Credits” for “Continuing Legal Education” - “Continuing Professional Development” purposes, depending on national rules. For more information, please contact the UIA.


Minimum number of participants: 15 / Maximum number of participants: 32 

Register now to avoid disappointment

We register on a first come, first served basis and we are limited to an absolute maximum of 32 participants.  When the workshop is full, we regret but we cannot accept any more registrations.

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