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Élargir l'horizon – Les enjeux actuels du droit de la famille dans un contexte international

du 27 au 28 mars 2017 à Londres, Royaume-uni

  1. 1Présentation
  2. 2Programme
  3. 3Information et inscription
  4. 4Préparation du voyage
  5. 5Formateurs
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The UIA is proud to present this Course which is part of the UIA 2017 Training Courses Programme. The objective of our Training Courses is to provide comprehensive tools in specific and/or specialist areas of the law or in specific projects, by offering advanced-level “master classes” held by outstanding expert trainers.


The UIA aims to provide excellence at reasonable cost, given its non-profit nature and institutional role.

The Training Course is held over one and a half days, with 2 trainers in each session. The sessions will be highly interactive. 

Minimum number of participants: 15 / Maximum number of participants: 40

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