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Tendances actuelles dans les start-ups et le financement participatif

du 10 au 12 mars 2016 à Vienne, Autriche, Europe

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This seminar, based on the work of several commissions of the UIA, will focus on current trends in start-up businesses and crowd financing. It will be organised in the form of a one and a half day seminar taking place at the offices of the Vienna Bar Council. Beside legal aspects of starting up and funding a business, the seminar will also cover practical / factual aspects and will provide an overview on the currently booming start-up environment.


The main topics of the seminar will include:

  • The start-up environment and current trends
  • Pitfalls of starting-up a business
  • Employee participation
  • Crowd funding
  • Subsidy schemes for start-ups
  • Data protection and IP issues


Please join us for an exciting weekend in Vienna!


Seminar organised by the UIA with the support of the Vienna Bar Council, the Austrian Bar Association, the International League of Competition Law (LIDC) and the ÖV Österreichische Vereinigung


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