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Mediation for Sports Disputes: Turning Adversaries into Teammates

du 12 au 13 janvier 2018 à Lisbonne, Portugal

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To start off the year, this UIA Seminar organized by the Mediation and Conflict Prevention and the Sports Law Commissions, will discuss the growing importance of mediation for sports disputes.

Sports is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and this Seminar will show why and how mediation should be utilized by pro sports to resolve conflicts, in particular in what concerns contract-related disputes. Not only is mediation a fast way to handle and resolve disputes, but it also has the potential to improve relations between stakeholders. This could be critical in the field of sports, in addition to having a more positive impact on the public opinion, particularly when the stakes and the visibility are as high as they are in some areas of sports conflicts. These are most of the times complex, as they involve different parties, with different perspectives and motivations, yet oftentimes also include aligned interests.

In this Seminar, during which we will have top mediation and sports specialists, we will address all these questions, and will end with a “Sports Mediation Simulation”, where participants will be able to witness first hand how mediation can play out in a sports dispute context.

We look forward to seeing you in vibrant and exciting Lisbon next January!

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The registration programme will be available soon. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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