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The historic city of Istanbul, with its unique cultural and economic environment, is an ideal setting for a seminar entitled “Foreign Investment in & from Turkey”.

In recent years, Turkey has become a leading country for economic development and growth. Turkish investors have become a force to be reckoned with on the international market; their desire to invest outside Turkey is increasing daily and they are continually seeking new foreign markets and industries for their investments.

With this in mind, the UIA, with the cooperation of Turkish member lawyers, will hold a seminar in Istanbul on September 27 and 28, September 2013, at the Swissôtel The Bosphorus hotel.

Discussing Turkish foreign investments will give participants an opportunity to analyse and compare investment conditions throughout the world. There will be specific focus on how Turkish investors and their lawyers approach investments in foreign businesses. Speakers from a number of countries have been invited. Participants will also have the chance to discuss possibilities for future mutual cooperation.

The aim of this UIA seminar on Turkey's role as a hub for international investments is twofold: provide information on how to invest in Turkey and give professionals from around the world a forum to discuss how investment conditions and legislation differ from one country to another.


We hope to see many UIA members in Istanbul for this seminar and look forward to welcoming you to Turkey!

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