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Note from the President Elect Pedro PAIS DE ALMEIDA

Dear Colleagues and UIA Friends,


I have been asked to share some of the key points of my plan for my term as UIA President.

Let me start by assuring our members that the UIA shall continue to be a truly international and multicultural association (with French, English and Spanish as its working languages) as well as, I believe, being the most business friendly lawyers association around the world.

As you know, the UIA was incorporated in 1927 and after 90 years of activity, I believe there is still room for improvement.

Together with the members of the UIA Strategy Implementation Working Group, I will lead the implementation of some measures of the new UIA strategy (2020 vision) that was approved by the UIA’s Executive Committee and submitted to the General Assembly.

Among others, this will involve streamlining and strengthening UIA governance, revitalizing the UIA brand, retaining and growing the number of members and so increasing our worldwide coverage, enhancing communication and cooperation with our UIA collective members, redefining the concept of the existing Club UIA and introducing a new Club for Honorary UIA Presidents.

Regarding human rights, the focus of my presidency shall be on fighting Modern Day Slavery. Some might believe that slavery ended with its abolition in the 19th century. But slavery is still present today in every corner of the world. Among other forms, Modern Day Slavery ranges from forced prostitution and forced labour, to debt bondage, human trafficking, descent-based slavery, child slavery, forced and early marriage and forced organ removal.  According to the latest estimation of the International Labour Organisation, there are an 40.3 million people around the world who are the victims of slavery, including 5,7 million children. Lawyers, in my opinion, can have a very important role to play in this struggle.

The UIA-IROL (Institute for the Rule of Law) shall continue its endless efforts to uphold and protect the Rule of Law, while also pursuing its mission on the defense of lawyers around the world who should be free to exercise our profession. 

Globalization makes our world smaller, but even so, in order to be more effective in our worldwide strategy, I shall focus particularly on three countries during my presidency: Brazil, China and the UK.


Long live the UIA!


Abreu Advogados 
President Elect

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