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Forum mondial des Centres de Médiation

Samedi 06 octobre

11h15 - 12h30 
Become an even better mediator

Modérateurs : Fabienne VAN DER VLEUGEL
Orateurs : Sanja TAFRA, Natasa TATARIC, Mladen VUKMIR, Srdan SIMAC, Gordana RISTIN

A practical and interactive session during which experienced mediators will discuss various specific aspects of mediation, with concrete examples. The purpose of the session consists in triggering discussions, debates and questions with the mediators of the audience in order to share experiences and compare viewpoints on topics such as:

• Abuse of mediation – How can a mediator prevent it?
• Agreement to mediate and mediation agreement: who is writing what, and how?
• Being an attorney-mediator: issues relating to conflict of interest, impartiality, neutrality, invoicing and liability dilemmas under the professional ethical regulations
• Being a judge and a mediator, two separate functions?

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