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The UIA needs you!

Some readers will be aware that the UIA has been undertaking a strategic planning exercise for the last nine months with the objective of enabling the UIA to be able to develop and prosper in the years ahead. 

The exercise has required the Executive Committee with the assistance of the Governing Board to analyse where the UIA is at the present time and where it needs to be by the end of 2020.  This has involved looking at the objectives of the UIA including:

- the mission of the UIA;

- the UIA as a brand;

- its governance; and

- its geographical priorities. 

In turn this has required considerable work including a study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of and facing the UIA. 

In undertaking this exercise, the Executive Committee and Governing Board have been assisted by a strategic plan working group, chaired by Pedro Pais de Almeida having as its other members Issouf Baadhio, Jerry Roth, Sebaastian Molenaar,Stephen Sidkin, Marie-Pierre Richard and consultant Bob Empsonand also the UIA HQ team.

Many hours have been devoted to this work not least because a key component of strategy is working out what not to do. 

It follows that many of the things that a number of members of the Executive Committee and the Governing Board understandably would have liked to be part of the strategic plan cannot be – the resources of the UIA are finite! 

At the Governing Board meeting in Geneva, the strategic plan was presented.  It was also agreed that the next stage is to move to the implementation of the plan.

It is invariably the case that the implementation of a plan is harder than the actual preparation of the plan itself.  The UIA’s strategic plan is no different. 

We are now commencing the implementation phase and this is where your support and involvement will be important. 

Further information will be provided at the general assembly in Toronto on 27 October. Your support there and going forwards will be most welcome as we all look to ensure the successful development of the UIA for the future.


The UIA needs you!


Laurence Bory, President

Stephen Sidkin, Director of Communications

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