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National Representatives In Action

By Fred Kan, 
UIA Director of National and Regional Activities


UIA boasts national representation in 41 different countries. Some countries (28 of them) have even constituted national committees, which are very active and provide a useful link for the life of the association at a national level

The role of the national representatives is to represent, promote and support UIA and its interests in the country and to provide effective leadership for the membership, in the context of UIA’s mission and objectives.

National representatives and committees are essential to the activity of the association, as they work towards initiating and implementing activities to recruit new members, establishing a diverse membership in their country and ensuring member retention. They also plan and deliver an annual programme of activities which are valued by members, such as seminars, networking/social events, dinners, etc. And they are instrumental in identifying and developing positive and productive relationships with key stakeholders in the country. I would also like to mention our 6 regional secretaries, who help in areas without national representation. Their role is also paramount in coordinating the activities of their zone of responsibility.

The role of the national and regional representation is also essential in the implementation and development of the UIA strategy that was approved last September. At the Toronto Congress, UIA representatives participated in a very successful meeting where they committed together to recruiting nearly 300 new members worldwide by the time of the Porto Congress. We would like to encourage them in this very important challenge. They of course need help of all existing members in order to promote UIA in their respective countries or regions.

If you wish to help your national representative or committee in this new venture, please do not hesitate to contact him / her directly.

If there is no representative or committee in your country, please do contact me or the UIA headquarters staff, so that we can start planning a representation in your country.


I wish you all a very happy holiday season! Let’s work together so that 2018 brings many new members to our association!

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