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Shaping the future of Dispute Resolution & Improving Access to Justice

on July 06, 2017 in London, United Kingdom, Europe

The Global Pound Conference is your opportunity to be part of dispute resolution history. The London conference aims to explore how litigation, arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution processes can help achieve greater user satisfaction. The day will be structured around four interactive sessions where core questions will be voted on and discussed in order to better understand the demand for dispute resolution services and what innovations might be beneficial.  In both content and geographic reach it is a unique series of events unlike any other. Those participating - users, practitioners and other stakeholders - will be use dedicated technologies to gather data and different views.
We invite you to attend, debate with colleagues and hear from Corporate Counsel and other users, as well as respected experts who will share their own perspectives on the future. 
Please join in the global conversation and help shape the future of dispute resolution.
Through a series of interactive voting and discussion sessions using devices and smart phones, all participants will be able to express their views on a range of vital issues. The results will be instantly projected to the conference allowing a comparison of priorities by different stakeholder categories. Each session will generate valuable and actionable data on what dispute resolution users require and how others can help stakeholders meet those needs. The goal of the series is to stimulate actual impact and effective change. 
The Conference wil take place at :
Gresham St, London EC2V 7HH, UK

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