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International Bar Leaders Senate

International Bar Leaders Senate - Valencia

on October 29, 2015 in Valencia, Spain

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The International Bar Leader's Senate is the place for discussion and exchange of views between Bar Leaders, Bar Presidents and representatives of local, national and international lawyers’ organisations. They meet at least once a year, during the UIA Congress, to reflect together and share their opinions on current issues, relating to the core values of our profession, in particular.
The Independence of Lawyers Under Threat?
The International Bar Leaders’ Senate session will propose reflections and discussions on the importance of defending this fundamental principle of the profession and on the identification of sources of threat to the independence of lawyers and Bars.
- Threats inherent to the modifications of traditional systems: Multidisciplinary practice, ABS, outside capital, shareholders and their voting rights, dependence in relations with clients?
- External attacks: Wire-tapping, the influence of public authorities, the obligation to inform in tax-related matters, in terrorism and money laundering matters?
- The role of defenders and guarantors: Professional bodies, professional associations of lawyers, international organisations as well as their leaders, defenders of the independence of lawyers and Bars, and the role of judges, as guarantors of this independence?
Can these fundamental principles be dismissed by a sweep of the hand by saying that they could be shattered to bits when lawyers are replaced by... robots? (Report from the British Jomati Consultants LLP firm, November 2014). “Artificial intelligence” is in fashion. Although it is a useful tool for the profession, will it replace the judgement and independence of the lawyers, some day?
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