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World Forum of Mediation Centres


The World Forum of Mediation Centres was created in 2001 by the Mediation and Conflict Prevention Commission of the UIA.  It brings together the most important commercial mediation practitioners and ADR centres from around the world and offers an occasion to exchange views on the development of ADR and best practices. 

The meeting in Luxembourg will be the 22nd since the creation of the Forum.

This meeting is expected to be exceptional.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to learn and enhance your ADR practice.

Various sessions will be organized to explore new techniques and ameliorate mediators’ knowledge.  Mediators coming from all over the world, and representing a large variety of countries, will speak about specific topics such as confidentiality in mediation, labour law disputes, efficiency in mediation, enforcement of mediation agreement, mediation practices in the construction field, mediation in commercial disputes including family members.

For many reasons that you will discover, the Luxembourg Forum promises to be an unforgettable international event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Luxembourg!


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