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Training Courses



The UIA is proud to present this Course which is part of the UIA 2017 Training Courses Programme. The objective of our Training Courses is to provide comprehensive tools in specific and/or specialist areas of the law or in specific projects, by offering advanced-level “master classes” held by outstanding expert trainers.


The UIA aims to provide excellence at reasonable cost, given its non-profit nature and institutional role.

The course is held over two days, with 2 trainers. The sessions will be highly interactive. 

Minimum number of participants: 15 / Maximum number of participants: 32


Who should attend?    

·      Senior partners, managing partners, heads of department, team leaders, supervisors, practising lawyers, office managers, practice managers, marketing partners, heads of marketing and heads of business development.

·      All members of the law firm who want to develop their skills in leadership, management, marketing and communication of his/her firm, department or own practice. 

·      All those who advise lawyers on these skills.


Reasons for attending: outcomes from the training

·      Understanding of the increasingly high expectations of clients. Clients are systematically monitoring and assessing legal performance and expecting dynamic pro-activity, creativity and innovation. It is important to understand and meet these expectations.

·      An increase in your skills, knowledge and understanding of how to:

-       Win, keep and grow the clients you want, cost-effectively

-       Increase effectiveness and efficiency within the firm

-       Maximise return on investment of all the resources of your firm

·      Confirmation that what you are doing is correct and:

-       To generate new ideas

-       To increase motivation

-       To revise and refresh knowledge

-       To revise, practise and to up-date skills

-       Tips and techniques to use and traps to avoid

-       Practical, relevant, time-saving advice which is immediately applicable


Methodology for the presentation of the training 

·      Sessions are conducted in a whole variety of ways, including: presentations, PowerPoint, delegates working individually, in pairs, in small groups, in larger groups, as a whole.

·      Interactive participation by the delegates includes: case-studies, role plays, quizzes, exercises, practicals, questionnaires, templates, checklists, problem-solving and theory-to-practise sessions. 

·      Discussions allow delegates to share their experiences with others and have constructive problem-solving discussions, which lead to practical and relevant solutions and lessons learned.

·      Personal Action Plan - each individual creates a Personal Action Plan, of actions that they will carry out when they return to work. They can then immediately apply what they have learned as soon as they get back to the office from the Training Course.

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