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The UIA Tax Law Commission, Foreign Investment Commission and Latin American Lawyers Forum joined efforts to put up a great seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil in March 2018: Tax Incentives for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

What is the state of art of tax incentives for foreign investment worldwide? Is tax incentive forum shopping still an available tool for multinational companies to choose their new investment country? What about defensive measures of states against tax incentives of other states? We will be discussing with colleagues from every part of the world how effective tax incentives may be for the attraction of FDI and how it is dealt with by the revenue agencies of host and investing countries. All of this in the most important capital for business in Latin America, but also in a most beautiful country known for its breath-taking seaside and lively culture .

Seminar organised by the UIA Foreign Investment and Tax Law commissions with the support of the UIA Latin American Lawyers Forum, the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – Seção de São Paulo (Sao Paulo Bar Association), the Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo - IASP, the Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados – CESA and the Sindicato das Sociedades de Advogados dos Estados de São Paulo e Rio De Janeiro - SINSA.       

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