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Avoiding Pitfalls when Trading in Europe: Important Differences between European and Japanese Laws

from May 29 to 31, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, Asia

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The importance of the EU market to Japan cannot be understated. The value of Japanese exports to the EU exceeds ¥10,000 billion.

It is therefore important for lawyers who are advising Japanese businesses to ensure that they are aware of:

·         how EU law can affect the achievement of commercial objectives; and

·         the differences between Japanese law and EU law in a number of commercial areas.

With this knowledge they can help meet the commercial needs of Japanese businesses.

Avoiding Pitfalls when Trading in Europe examines the important commercial law considerations which are critical for Japanese businesses by contrasting them with the relevant Japanese law issues.

This seminar therefore considers not only how to organise a distributorship network in Europe but what European distributors think about.  It also considers the concept of such of distribution and why Japanese brands need to know about this concept. 

Businesses entering a new market for the first time will often use an agent.  This way of operating can prove beneficial to the new entrant.  But, it is also the case that relationships are more easily made than ended.  A number of important issues concerning the termination of agency agreements in the EU are explained during the course of the seminar. 

Finally, the online channel is growing in importance for consumers in the EU and, therefore, businesses.  It follows that it is vital to have an appreciation of consumer rights in the EU and also to understand the legal issues of using social media for marketing purposes. 


This seminar is addressed both to local lawyers, who wish to understand the legal particularities of European law, as well as to overseas lawyers from Europe and elsewhere, who deal with Japanese clients, so they become aware of the differences between European and their local law.  To that end, each of the topics will be presented by a European lawyer and followed by a local commentator.


This seminar also aims to become an extraordinary opportunity for Japanese and overseas lawyers to meet and create bonds for future business opportunities.


Attend this ground-breaking UIA seminar and help Japanese businesses, with which you are involved, achieve more in the EU.

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